Becoming a contributor

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How to publish a climate solution?

The Climate Solutions User Guide and Charter of Commitment are available here.

Step 1. Create your contributor account
1.1. Register
• Fill in your email address in the “NEW” field by clicking on “Registration / Log In” on the site header,
• Click on the “REGISTRATION” button to validate your registration,
• Validate your registration by clicking on the validation link that you will receive in your confirmation email.


1.2. Log In
• Finalize your registration by completing the empty fields in your profile,
• VALIDATE your information.


Step 2. Reference your organization on the Climate Solutions Hub
• Log In and go to the “My Profile” space in your account,


2.1. Your organization is already referenced on the Hub
• Key in your Position and select your organization using the “My organization” drop-down menu,

•To be attached to your organization, click on the “VALIDATE” button to register your request,


Your organization administrator will then be notified of your attachment request and can accept your request on his next connection to the Hub,
If your organization administrator has not accepted your attachment request within 24 hours, please contact him directly.

2.2. You are a new organization
• Key in your Position and select the type of organization : “New organization” or  “New organization Partner Club France” using the dropdown menu,
• To register the reference request for your organization, click on the “VALIDATE” button,


Provide informations related to the profile of your organization and your administrator,
• Click on the “I WISH TO CONTINUE” to send the necessary information to register your organization.


Each organization must designate a unique administrator to: 
• manage his organization’s account,
• accept attachment requests from organization contributors,
• validate the climate solution on behalf of the organization.

The organization administrator is the guarantor of the integrity of the solutions published and of compliance with the Solutions COP21 Charter of Commitment for all the contributors from his organization.

If you are a “New Organization” and your administrator profile is not operational 48 hours after your request, please contact

If you are a “New Organization Partner Club France” and your administrator profile is not operational 48 hours after your request, please contact

Step 3. Publishing a Climate Solution
• Log In and go to the “My Solutions” space in your account,
• Click on “ADD A SOLUTION”,

• Read the editorial mini-charter to assist you in completing the climate solution form,
• Complete and tick all the empty fields in the solution form,

• Accept the Terms and Conditions and the Charter of Commitment by ticking the corresponding box,
• To register your Climate Solution, click on the “VALIDATE” button.


Your organization administrator is then notified of your publication and can accept your Climate Solution on his next connection.
If your organization administrator has not accepted your publication within 24 hours, please contact him directly.

Climate solutions published by contributors are:
1. Validated by your organization administrator,
2. Submitted to the Climate Solution Hub Moderator prior to publication,
3. The Climate Solutions Hub Moderator will contact you if your solution does not comply with the charter of commitment and/or the editorial charter,
4. If your solution is not online within 72 hours following the validation of your solution by the administrator of your organization, please contact the Climate Solutions Hub moderator:

3.1. Publishing a Climate Solution in French
• Log In to the French web site at:

• Use the same “Log In” and “Password” for your English account and go to the “My Solutions” space of your account,

• Click on “Add a solution” and complete the form,
• Then go directly to step 4 and follow the instructions.

N.B.: Your administrator/contributor account identification (“Log in” and “Password”) is unique for the French and English versions of the Climate Solution Hub.
Nevertheless, the climate solutions are separated by language, so that you will find your English solutions only in your English account and your French solutions only in your French account.

For further information, please go to the FAQ section.
If you have difficulties in publishing your solution, please contact Celine Martin from Tuesday to Thursday from 13h30 to 15h30 |

The Climate Solutions Hub team.