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The present site is the property of HOPSCOTCH LE PUBLIC SYSTEME , a simplified joint-stock company, with a capital of 2.179.344 euros, registered with the Paris Registry of Trade and Companies under number 437 582 927, having its registered office at 23/25 rue Notre-Dame des Victoires – 75002 Paris. HOPSCOTCH LE PUBLIC SYSTEME is in charge of the design, implementation, maintenance and hosting of thesolutionscop21.com website (hereafter called “The website”). The Managing Editor of the present site is Mr. Benoît Desveaux.

This website is designed for the valorization of climate solutions. The use of this website is subject to the provisions laid down in the following terms and conditions (hereafter collectively referred to as “Terms and Conditions”) and constitutes your acceptance of and compliance with these conditions. If you disagree with any part of these Terms and Conditions or our Privacy Policy, please do not use the services proposed on the website.

We reserve the right to alter these dispositions at any time, with no prior notice. We therefore suggest that you consult this page regularly to remain informed of any eventual modifications.


All content published on the website, including trademarks, service marks, brand identities, brand names, graphic representations, models, copyrights, presentations and other intellectual property (the “Content”) is the intellectual property of HOPSCOTCH LE PUBLIC SYSTEME and/or a third party. This includes all the website content, which is protected by copyright for a collective work.

The use of trademarks or other content for purposes other than those authorized by the present Terms and Conditions or defined by the website itself, is strictly forbidden.  Printing and/or dissemination of information published on this website and the copying of files to a hard drive is reserved to the valorization of climate solutions, and you should mention the website on your own documents.  Furthermore, you may not copy or publish this information on other websites or modify or re-use text or images on this system or another system without our permission.  All other rights are reserved.

Unless expressly permitted, the use of this website is limited to to the valorization of climate solutions use only, and commercial use is prohibited. You are not permitted to copy, distribute, modify, transmit, re-use, re-disseminate or display in any way whatsoever the website content for public or commercial purposes without prior written consent for each of these content uses.


Unless stated otherwise, the content of the website is for promotional purposes only.  HOPSCOTCH LE PUBLIC SYSTEME does not warrant or represent that the content of its website is applicable or adapted for use in a jurisdiction outside France.


Notwithstanding the above, all content on the website is published  “AS IS”, WITH NO EXPLICIT OR IMPLICIT GUARANTEE, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, NO IMPLICIT GUARANTEE OF MERCHANTABILITY, ADAPTATION TO A PARTICULAR USE, TITLE, ABSENCE OF CONTERFEIT, ACCURACY OR COMPLETENESS.  IN ADDITION, THE COMPANY HOPSCOTCH PUBLIC SYSTEME, DOES NOT GUARANTEE THAT THE WEBSITE OR THE HOSTING SERVERS SUPPLYING THE SITE ARE VIRUS FREE.  We do not guarantee that the website functions will be available in an uninterrupted manner, will be exempt of omissions or errors, that all faults will be corrected or that the Host server website will be free of viruses or other harmful elements. We do not guarantee and are not responsible for the use or the result of the use of website content, its accuracy, precision, reliability or any other aspect.

Your use of this website is entirely at your own risk.  HOPSCOTCH LE PUBLIC SYSTEME will not be liable for any direct, indirect, accidental or consequential loss or damage, or for damages of any kind arising from your use of the website, be it legal or fraudulent.  If, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with the services proposed on this website, or our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, it is your entire responsibility to not use this website.

The website will contain no investor information.

You commit to compensate HOPSCOTCH LE PUBLIC SYSTEME its directors, administrators, employees, agents, or suppliers in the case of loss, damages and expenses incurred (including legal fees) arising from the violation of the present Terms and Conditions, by you or a third party using your internet login to access the Site.


The Site may contain links that allow you to leave the HOPSCOTCH LE PUBLIC SYSTEME website to access other websites.  HOPSCOTCH LE PUBLIC SYSTEME has no responsibility for the content of the linked website(s).

HOPSCOTCH LE PUBLIC SYSTEME has no responsibility for content or the transmission of websites linked to or links appearing on the linked websites.  We do not guarantee that linked websites are free of errors and viruses.


You may contribute to the website by uploading content. To do this, you must register on the website by completing an identification form, uploading your content and paying the subsequent fees.

On completing the form and submitting your content, you will receive an email from Public Système Hopscotch acknowledging your order.  The contract will be considered concluded on the date of reception of the email from HOPSCOTCH LE PUBLIC SYSTEME acknowledging your order.

All content uploaded to the website must form part of your proactive approach to contribute to the combat climate change and the emergence of attenuation or adaptation solutions.

By adding content to the platform, you and / or your organization or company commit to be solely responsible for the presented climate solution and certify the authenticity of the supplied data concerning this solution.  We consider that it fulfills the criteria defined by the Club France Développement Durable, namely that:

  • It has been developed to allow for environmental, societal and economic impact;
  • It is a solution already in deployment, with an implementation of at least pilot study level, providing tangible results;
  • The solution can be deployed on a large scale and can be reproduced by multiple actors.
  • You are available to Public Système Hopscotch to answer all questions that may arise concerning the data transmitted on this solution.
  • By completing the form and transmitting all annex documents, you accept that the solution you provide, on behalf of you or your company or organization, can be published online by the website,

You acknowledge and accept full responsibility and liability for the solution you propose, notably concerning legal matters, accuracy and intellectual property relating to this information.  You are not permitted to post, disseminate or publish content that is slanderous, libelous, threatening, abusive or illegal, or constitutes an incitement to violate the law through this website. You accept to not publish commercial messages on the website.

You accept that the solution you post on the site be downloaded by third parties who may circulate it on any medium, around the world for the promotion of Climate Solutions Platform, without giving rise to any financial contribution.

On reception of your payment, your content will be posted online.


On receipt of your completed form and solution proposal, Hopscotch Public Système will send an invoice to the address indicated on the form.  On reception of a check to Hopscotch Public Système, 23-25 rue Notre-Dame des Victoires, 75002 Paris, your solution will be posted online.

The fee of HOPSCOTCH LE PUBLIC SYSTEME for the online publishing of your solution is indicated when you make the request for online publishing.

You warrant that you are fully entitled to use the check book for the payment of the invoice and that it gives access to sufficient funds to cover the amount associated with the invoice concerned.

On completing the form and paying the invoice, you declare that you accept without reservation all website Terms and Conditions herein described.

For internet users outside France, provisions under French law are applicable.

Within the framework of its Anti-Fraud policy, HOPSCOTCH LE PUBLIC SYSTEME may require additional information and documents to finalize online publishing of your content.  If regularization is not effected within the given period of time, HOPSCOTCH LE PUBLIC SYSTEME may be obliged to cancel the online publishing of your content, and to proceed to the inclusion of certain data, which may be of a personal nature, in a “Payment Incidents” file.


Regarding the online content publication service, and with the exception of the conditions stated above, you may withdraw from the contract within a period of seven working days from the date of the contract, in accordance with article L 121-20 of the French Consumer Code.

You may, within the seven days following the formation of the contract, concerning the services included in the right of withdrawal, exercise this right by sending an email to the following address: plateformesolutionsclimat@solutionscop21.org

Nevertheless, you hereby acknowledge being informed that services begin on reception of your payment. You accept to formerly waive your right of withdrawal on online publishing of your content, even assuming that this takes place before the end of the period of seven working days, in accordance with article L.121-20-2, 1° of the French Consumer Code.

However, if within this period, your payment is effective but the online publishing has not yet taken place and you wish to withdraw, your reimbursement will be made by any means of payment within thirty days from the date of reception by HOPSCOTCH LE PUBLIC SYSTEME of the request to exercise the right of withdrawal.


Your access to the website, the present Terms and Conditions and the agreement they create are governed and construed by the laws in force in France, with the exception of provisions relating to conflicts of law.


If you do not accept the present Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy published on this website, you should cease use of the website.  You may consult the Terms and Conditions at any time.  We invite you to regularly consult this page to remain informed of any adaptations or modifications.  The use of this website implies acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions.


The personal data that we collect on the website is as follows (non-exhaustive list): email address, name, postal address, age, sex.  For example, personal information will be required to complete the online content form, competition or game registrations, news letter requests etc. Participation in these activities (and consequently, the communication of your personal data) is on a voluntary basis.  Furthermore, on certain sections of our website, you may be asked to take part in short surveys.  Your answers will enable us to increase our knowledge of our visitors, enhance your navigation experience and customize the website according to your interests.  

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 as amended, you have a right to access, rectify or delete the personal data that you have communicated to us.  You may exercise this right by sending an email to: plateformesolutionsclimat@solutionscop21.org


We use only the personal data that you choose to communicate to us.  For example, if you complete an online form, we will collect your email and postal address in addition to the other information necessary for confirming your order, invoice or for all other reasons explained on the website and that you will have accepted on completing the form.  Should you accept these conditions or should you authorize us to retrieve personal information, we will use the data to treat your requests, answer your questions or claims, send you brochures or other information on our activities or to contact you within the framework of surveys or customer feedback.  Only the persons who have accepted or specifically requested to receive online information will be contacted.  Furthermore, each person who receives a digital message may unsubscribe at any time, should they no longer wish to receive information material from us.

In general, we use the data that you communicate to us to enhance our website and to provide you with a better service.


Public Système Hopscotch commits to guarantee the privacy of your personal data and to take every measure necessary to prevent fraudulent use or modification of this information.

Furthermore, this data may be communicated to third parties who exploit your content under the conditions stipulated in the present Terms and Conditions that you accept.  We may also communicate your personal information to our suppliers, who are authorized to use it only in the framework of the services they provide to us (awards, surveys, etc.) in relation to the Solutions COP21 event.

Finally, we reserve the right to communicate the personal data in our possession when the request is issued by the police forces, or if obliged by law, regulations, court order, legal decision or public organism.  We will also divulge personal information to a third party if we consider that this communication is indispensable to identify, contact or bring action against a person who has violated the Terms and Conditions of our website, to conduct enquiries following a customer complaint or violation of the law, to protect the integrity of the website, reply to your requests or cooperate in any enquiry conducted by legal authorities.


In general, games and competitions proposed by the website editor are defined and governed by the present Terms and Conditions.  Special conditions may, if necessary, be added to complete/clarify and/or supplement the Terms and Conditions.  As each Competition rules may also contain additional terms that govern the specific game in a complementary manner, the Website Editor suggests that the User consult the game rules before each participation.


INFORMATION FOR PARENTS: For child protection purposes, no personal information concerning children of 13 years of age or under is requested or collected on our website without the knowledge and consent of the child’s parents or legal representative.


Use of the website acknowledges acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the website.  If you do not accept one of the Public Système Hopscotch Privacy Policy measures or one of the Terms and Conditions of our website, please cease to consult the website and do not transmit any personal information which could identify you.


For all questions or comments on the present Terms and Conditions of the website, please send an email to the following address: plateformesolutionsclimat@solutionscop21.org

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