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Charter of Commitment

Presentation of a Climate Solution

The organization/company wishes to present a solution entitled on the Climate Solutions web platform within the framework of Solutions COP21, with the support of the associate networks and members of Club France Développement Durable, scheduled to go live at the beginning of 2015.

This solution is part of the organization’s/company’s voluntary policy to contribute to the fight against climate change and to the emergence of attenuation and adaptation solutions.The organization/company certifies the authenticity of the data provided concerning this Solution and considers that it corresponds to the criteria defined by Club France Développement Durable, namely that:

  • the Solution has positive induced effects in environmental / societal / or economic terms;
  • the Solution has already been implemented, with the deployment of at least one pilot study and has produced tangible results;
  • the Solution can be deployed on a wider scale.

In the case of proven non-compliance with these elements, the Solution form submitted by the organization / company will be temporarily or definitively removed from the web platform.  The organization / company is at the disposal of the Climate Solutions Web Platform Steering Committee to answer any questions they may have relative to the data transmitted concerning this solution.

The organization/company guarantees the accuracy of the text describing the solution and is in possession of all elements relative to the legality and intellectual property concerning this information.

The organization/company is not authorized to publish online, disseminate or publish through this web platform any content that is offensive, libelous, obscene, threatening, abusive or illegal, or an incitement to commit an offense.  It will refrain from publishing any commercial messages (pricing) online on the web platform.

By completing this form, the organization/company accepts that the presented solution, in addition to all the transmitted appendix documents, will be published online on the Climate Solutions Web Platform and that the information delivered on this solution may be relayed by other players (media, decision influencer, other networks…).