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Biodiversity as ecological source of energy

Vallourec, leader of premium seamless tubular solutions dedicated to energy, industry, and construction sectors is committed to reduce its energy consumption and CO2 emissions. In Brazil, the Group uses the biodiversity to reduce its carbon emissions. Its brazilian subsidiary Vallourec Florestal carries out forestry activities for the production of charcoal, which is used as a source of energy in brazilian steel mills.

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Vallourec Florestal teams developed a more efficient carbonization process which led to an improvement in the mass transformation rate of wood into charcoal from 29% to 35%.

This led to a decreased need for wood and thus of the cultivated surface for production of cast iron, a very considerable reduction in methane emissions as compared to m3 of charcoal and a reduction in the heat dispersed into the atmosphere. The Brazilian native forest represents approximately 1/3 of the Florestal forest surface. Its is kept as is, while the other portion is cultivated.

Every year, about 1/7 of the cultivated forest is cut down for the production of charcoal, and that area is then immediately replanted. As they grow, trees absorb CO2. The CO2 emissions from burning coal in the cast iron manufacturing process are then reabsorbed by the forest. This is the assumption which is commonly accepted by the profession in Brazil. A detailed analysis of the carbon cycle, conducted with the help of academic and institutional experts, is currently pending completion and will determine, over a long period, the amount of carbon put into play.

This study has now revealed a sustainable stock of carbon in the soil and roots which are not extracted after the trees are cut down.

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Reduction of CO2 and methane emissions

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Reduction of CO2 emissions

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Reduction of CO2 emissions

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