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Open-Ended Fund Amundi Valeurs Durables FR0000991424

Amundi Valeurs Durables is a thematic equity fund, invested in European companies generating at least 20% of their sales from the development of green technologies (renewable energy, energy efficiency, water and waste management, etc.). This is an innovative environmental solution taking into account environmental, social and governance criteria replying to environmental issues of today and tomorrow.

Detailed Solution description

Amundi Valeurs Durables is an open-ended fund which selects  equities of European companies generating at least 20% of their sales from the development of green technology.

These companies are active notably in the following sectors:

  • Energy efficiency: electricity distribution, lighting, building materials
  • Renewable energy: solar, wind, geothermal, hydro power
  • Water management: distribution, treatment, equipment, desalination
  • Waste management: treatment, equipment, recycling
  • Biomass: biofuels, biochemical, bioenergy
  • Environmental services: engineering, CO2 capture, pollution control and tests
  • Companies that concomitantly produce fossil and nuclear energy are excluded from the universe.

An ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) filter is applied to the investment universe. It consists in taking into account companies with the best ESG practices in each business sector and in excluding those with the least good practices.

This selection is based on the ESG ratings of companies communicated by the internal extra-financial analysis team, ranging from A (highest score) to G (lowest score). Issuers rated E, F or G (with the least good ESG practices) are excluded from the investment universe.

Amundi Valeurs Durables is an ethical fund as well as it exclude controverted sectors as tobacco, alcohol, gambling, pornography and weapons.

This solution meets the current needs of investors concerned with environmental issues of today and tomorrow , but also finance European companies that contribute , in part, to reduce the consumption of natural resources ( water, waste, energy) and greenhouse gas emissions.

Launch Date

Implementation began on

April 2013

Weak points for Solution deployment

Dependence on government subsidies.

Key figures illustrating Solution deployment and results

Publication of extra-financial indicators in 2015 : CO2 emission , waste, water consumption etc.

Performance, impact and results

Projected short and medium term results
To keep global warning below 2°C.

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