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Reduction of the environmental impact of Generali France

Generali France act on several levers to reduce the environmental impact of its activities :
– HQE certification (High Environmental Quality) for the headquarters building of Generali France
– travel policy
– dematerialization program
– carbon footprint report.

Detailed Solution description

Generali France act on several levers to reduce the environmental impact of its activities :

  • the 2 main buildings of the Generali France headquarters (in the Parisian suburbs) have been certified HQE (High Environmental Quality). This involves a process of continuous improvement, and in particular a rigorous energy and waste management. The energy savings have a direct influence on the energy bill.
    The HQE approach is also focused on the thematics of comfort of working areas (acoustic, thermo-hygro, visual and olfactory comforts) and of health (health conditions of working areas, air and water quality).
    The other sites benefit also from these process ;
  • the travel policy defined by Generali France gives priority to trips by train and encourages to use videoconferences ;
  • the dematerialization program enables to reduce paper consumption ;
  • a carbon footprint report is carried out every year: it enables to have the best action plan to reduce the carbon footprint, and to monitor the evolution.

Launch Date

Implementation began on

Since 2009 for the implementation of the EMS (Environmental Management System), since 2011 for the HQE certification (High Environmental Quality).

Weak points for Solution deployment

The changes in weather conditions from year to year (milder or harsher winter) make difficult the measurement of the impact strictly related to a best management of the buidings.

Key figures illustrating Solution deployment and results

Energy consumption
Between July 2013 and July 2014, 2 653 MWh have been saved on both HQE buildings, it means a 7,3% decrease on energy consumption.

Separate waste collection
The separate waste collection rate on all Generali France sites has reached 70%. The waste recovery is done by approved operators (organic waste are lyophilized).

Videoconferences have been doubled between July 2013 and July 2014 (592 videoconferences for the first semester 2014 versus 287 for the first semester 2013).
Thanks to these 592 videoconferences for the first semester 2014, we estimate at 1 252 294 the number of avoided kms, and 292 455€ the avoided related costs.

Performance, impact and results

Management of energy consumption Waste management Increasing number of videoconferences: avoided trips and consequently avoided GHG emissions.

Improvement of comfort and security of working areas.

Control of operation costs Control of costs for long-distance trips.

  • Professional contact
    Julien Bodin
    Generali France
    Sites Manager
  • Press Contact
    Jean-Xavier Franco
    Generali France
    External communication manager