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The EcoPerformance solution : innovating for a cleaner automobile fleet

Faced with an existing car fleet of 36 million vehicles that is only renewed by 1.8 million new vehicles per year, Mobivia Groupe and its brands are committed to making this existing fleet a cleaner one and reducing its impact on health and the environment. Since 2014 therefore, Norauto has offered a service consisting of a 5 gases eco-friendly diagnosis combined with eco-maintenance that significantly reduces the excessive pollution emissions and over-consumption of vehicles, particularly those with diesel engines.

Detailed Solution description

Norauto’s ‘EcoPerformance’ solutions (‘5 gases’ thermodynamic diagnosis + EcoEntretien compliance) have been developed as part of the ‘EcoEntretien’ programme (literally, Environmentally Friendly Maintenance) initiated by FEDA (Trade Union Federation of Automobile Distribution) in association with IFFSTTAR and ADEME. This is one answer, and the first driving force in the short and middle term, to combat air pollution caused by nitrogen oxides, ozone and particles originating from cars, while optimising maintenance of the fleet in circulation. Its role is to diagnose the fuel injection and engine pollution control systems with an in-depth analysis of 5 exhaust gases (O2, CO, CO2, HC and NOx) to detect a vehicle’s problems due to use (such as driving with a diesel engine in cities or over short distances) or where maintenance has not been specifically targeted, with damaging consequences in terms of gas and particle emissions (excessive pollution, over-consumption of fuel, etc.). This diagnosis can anticipate and/or correct such consequences.

French energy transition law and mobility: how maintenance of the existing car fleet will evolve

The performance and added value of the ‘5 gases thermodynamic Ecodiagnosis’ combined with the ‘EcoEntretien’ was identified and recognised by public authorities, who wanted to use it as leverage for reducing emissions within the context of the French Energy Transition law. This Energy Transition law (July 2015) will reinforce MOTs from 2017, when the ‘5 gases thermodynamic’ diagnosis will be included. This measure takes on full meaning on the occasion of the COP21, as vehicle fuel consumption may be reduced by 5% and pollution reduced by 20% with Norauto’s ‘EcoPerformance’ solutions.

Norauto, the only expert network in France with the EcoEntretien label

As an active player since 2010, Mobivia Groupe, along with FEDA, has partnered the development of this new research and has developed an effective solution enabling both preventive (generally prior to a technical problem) and personalised curative maintenance to be carried out. This means essential and significant advantages for motorists, representing economic and ecological benefits. Based on the 5 exhaust gases analysis combined with suitable and personalised corrective maintenance for each diesel vehicle, the ‘EcoEntretien’ process was brought in throughout the Norauto network, then was officially approved for the whole of the network by Ecocert, an accredited and independent body specialised in environmental certifications. To date, Norauto is the only network with the ‘EcoEntretien’ label. For information, Norauto has carried out more than 260,000 EcoPerformance diagnoses since the programme was launched and almost one in two cars presented a problem, which was able to be identified.

In their concern for collective effectiveness and true to their commitment to CSR, the Mobivia Groupe and Norauto teams have also been working with FEDA and CNPA (National Council of Automobile Professions) for several years, with the aim of opening up this service more widely in the after sales sector of the automotive industry (accredited and independent networks), so that all motorists – and therefore the whole of the existing car fleet – can eventually benefit from this innovation.

Launch Date

Implementation began on

Since 2009

Solution Partners

The ‘EcoPerformance’ solutions by Norauto are part of the EcoEntretien programme launched in 2009 by FEDA (Trade Union Federation of Automobile Distribution), in association with the competent authorities (ADEME, IFFSTTAR) and partnered by and SPHERETECH. Norauto has been an active part of this R&D project from the outset.

Key figures illustrating Solution deployment and results

• 310 well-equipped centres (260 branch centres and 50 franchises)
• 92% of the Norauto France network is certified ISO 14001
• Purchase cost of machines: 7,500 euros per machine
• Number of vehicles diagnosed since the EcoPerformance service was launched: nearly 300,000
o Of which 96% of diagnoses carried out free of charge within the servicing of cars having done over 80,000 km
o Of which 84% were vehicles with diesel engines
• Theory/potential: percentage of vehicles with problems:
o Curative Eco-diagnosis: 62%
o Preventive Eco-diagnosis: 46%

Performance, impact and results

Observed reduction in CO2 and environmental results: - 5% reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 - 20% reduction in pollution (CO, NOx, HC)

49 jobs created in France • Motorists’ budget is maintained by reducing fuel consumption and, through preventive or curative action, avoiding costly repairs due to wear or premature breakage

Difference in cost between the EcoEntretien service and standard service (replacement of parts): o Cleaning the injection system €79 vs replacing the injector €1,500 o Cleaning the turbo €79 vs replacing the turbo €1,500 o Cleaning the inlet system €79 vs removing the manifold €2,000

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