On 31 October 2011, the world population was estimated at over 7 billion inhabitants, according to UN sources. Food is a key challenge with many different aspects.  Food security, access to food and food production with reduced environmental impact, are all major issues.  Agriculture and climate change have a dual correlation: agriculture contributes to greenhouse gas emission (4th sector in terms of emission in the world at 13.5%[1]) as well as to the modification generated by climate change on agricultural practices and yield.  Consequently, food choice and habits have a major impact on greenhouse gas emissions. Reduced food waste, changes in consumer methods, new agricultural models and the shift to short and local supply chains are all potential perspectives and alternatives in favor of the climate and the conservation of natural resources. Discover the solutions and initiatives that are already in place! [1] «Le changement climatique pour les nuls », WWF et Olivier NOUAILLAS, Ed First, October 2014

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