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Breakthrough Q Solar Air Heaters increase the percentage of renewable energy

New Q Solar air heaters can now be retro-fitted to existing heating systems to deliver heat at lower prices than any fossil fuel heater for most applications in industry, agriculture and for heating of buildings, to reduce their emissions, while making important financial savings without needing government subsidies.

Q Solar Pty Ltd

Detailed Solution description

Most attention is now directed to renewable electricity, which is less than 10% of the energy used in the world, the rest being heat, of which almost half is low temperature heat. Therefore about 20% of the heat used in the world is accessible to solar heaters, but they seldom were economical without government subsidies. This has been overcome by the new Q Solar air heaters ( which can deliver cheaper heat even than gas or coal burners, while reducing the greenhouse gas emissions through their outstanding performance.

Moreover, they now can economically be retro-fitted to hundreds of different new uses, increasing the estimated renewable energy potential:

With small exceptions, all world heat is produced by burning fossil fuel in ambient air to produce a hot gas (air) which may be afterwards transformed in other forms of energy. The Q Solar Air Heaters also produce a mass of hot air, which can be used for combustion in fossil fuel burners to decrease their fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, or can be used as a hot gas for other applications.

Adapting the Q Solar heaters to fossil fuel burners opens many new avenues for solar heat, which can begin to make a substantial contribution to the overall energy supply.

The high performance is due to the 50 different models of solar air heaters, each adapted to a different application:

The new heaters are easy to retrofit to existing systems, work with practically all stationary burners, are highly reliable and have a payback of under 3 years; therefore they are financially appealing to commercial applications, while reducing their GHG emissions. 

Q Solar Pty Ltd

Launch Date

Implementation began on


Project in progress with preliminary experiments since


Solution Partners

The Q Solar heaters are large (to collect a lot of solar radiation) and inexpensive (to deliver economical heat), therefore freight cost from Australia would be prohibitive. To avoid expensive freight, Q Solar teaches local businesses how to produce and install the Q Solar heaters locally, because they are easy to manufacture without dedicated tools or specially trained workers. This way, the Q Solar manufacturer partners implement this beneficial technology in their area, and increase local employment.

Our most prestigious partner is Schlaich Bergermann Solar, developers of the solar updraft tower

Weak points for Solution deployment

Since systematic implementation began last year, few potential commercial clients adopted this solution because they are not familiar with it.

Key figures illustrating Solution deployment and results

The first industrial heater (307m2) using this technology has produced about 20% financial savings for the user, while reducing their GHG emissions by about 40%.

The Commonwealth Science for Industry Research Organization (C.S.I.R.O.) stated that about 10% of fossil fuels could be replaced with this more economical solar heat, and proportionally reducing the GHG emissions.

The high performance and simple implementation of this technology in diverse international applications, and the Q Solar offer for dissemination of information, creates effective conditions for substantial decrease of greenhouse gas emissions.

Performance, impact and results

Substantial reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Create new jobs wherever heat is needed (all territory)

The manufacturers can make good benefit, the users can reduce their heat expense, and the governments do not have to pay subsidies.

Many technical improvements have resulted in high performance and low cost

Results observed to date
Substantial reduction of GHG emissions AND financial benefits

Projected short and medium term results
2% of overall GHG emissions could be reduced in 5 years by these economical solar heaters, increasing to 5% in 10 years

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