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THERMOSTOP by COMUS, heat regulating paint for roofs

COMUS, a brand widely known among building professionals for its solutions to improve the living environment, innovates with THERMOSTOP TOITURE, a heat regulating paint designed to protect all types of roof covering. Its reflective pigment technology combined with specific insulating extenders limit the heating of surface materials and the transfer of heat to building interiors. Reduced energy consumption when air conditioning is running and the combat against urban heat islands are just two of the environmental benefits.


Detailed Solution description

THERMOSTOP TOITURE by COMUS is a heat regulating paint designed to protect roofs.

A blend of latest-generation technologies

With a formula based on flexible acrylic resins, the paint combines the advantages of infrared reflecting pigments, which provide a shield against direct heating, with those of specific extenders, which provide heat insulation properties.

Threefold action

THERMOSTOP TOITURE acts in three ways on the decomposition of sunlight upon contact with the materials:

  • it boosts the natural solar reflectance of the materials due to the use of infrared reflecting pigments, most notably with deeper colours
  • it greatly inhibits heat transfer to the building interior thanks to specific extenders that limit  temperature rises in the materials
  • it increases the thermal emissivity of the materials through the combined action of these two technologies, which limits heat absorption by the material

Main environmental benefits

  • reduces energy consumption due to a lower indoor air temperature and therefore less need for air conditioning, which in turn helps reduce greenhouse gases
  • helps combat the phenomenon of urban heat islands

A concentrated performance package

  • forms an effective shield against the heating action of infrared rays and the ageing action of ultraviolet rays
  • increases the useful life of the paint film and the underlying materials thanks to its attenuation of thermal shocks
  • improves personal health and comfort, including that of pets
  • provides more suitable storage conditions for foods and other heat-sensitive goods
  • glides on very easily when applying

Deploying the THERMOSTOP solution by COMUS

  • use not restricted to specialists
  • can be used on large scale projects
  • easy to implement
  • economical compared with certain other building renovation and insulation techniques

Launch Date

Implementation began on

September 2015

Performance, impact and results

THERMOSTOP TOITURE by COMUS enables electrical energy savings of up to 29% in air conditioned buildings compared with a bare cladding roof.

THERMOSTOP TOITURE by COMUS enables a temperature improvement of up to 4.9°C inside the building even without air conditioning, thereby promoting greater comfort for its occupants.

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